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Roofing Kilmarnock Ayrshire

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The roof of your house is often considered the most important area of your property. Nova Contracts Roofing Kilmarnock Ayrshire specialise in new builds, maintenance & repair for commercial and residential property’s. Making the right choice of contractor for your roof and selecting the correct materials will prove a worthwhile investment over time. Slate roofing, tiled roofing and flat roofing feature extensively in our work portfolio.

Slate Roofing Kilmarnock Ayrshire

Slate is durable and long lasting and can protect your property for 100+ years if maintained properly. Natural slate is bluish/grey in colour and often comes from the slate mines of Scotland, England or Wales depending on your preference. A range of man made slate alternatives have been developed over the years, leaving property owners with a wide range of choice dependent on your budget, property type and location. Whichever slate choice you make, our advice will be impartial whilst making sure that your chosen roof tiles satisfy local planning demands that new roofs stay true to tradition and local styles.

Tiled Roofing Kilmarnock Ayrshire

Plain tiles, Roman tiles and Pantiles are just a few of the options for slate tiling alternatives. Each tile requires their own unique fitting method where spacing, cutting and overlapping will be necessary to ensure you have a completely water resistant roof that not only keeps elements out but keeps heat in through the correct choice of underlying membrane. Sometimes personal choice is not always an option for a new build as certain local authorities and planning committees will require a particular style for each location ensuring conformity in your neighbourhood. Nova Contracts roofing Kilmarnock Ayrshire will offer knowledgeable advice on your property requirements.

Flat Roofing Kilmarnock Ayrshire

With the advent and use of new technology and materials, flat roofs across Scotland are becoming very popular and are no longer considered a risky option. Flat roofing is now a cost effective roofing solution, with many manufacturers of the various materials offering long guarantees providing the roof is installed correctly. Our expert craftsmanship will ensure (through careful planning) that your choice of roofing material will not cause ponding or leaking.

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